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Music that inspires me - part 4

One of the latest soundtracks to have made an impact on me is from the PC game – “Stellaris”. In fact, what I find amusing about this one, is that I never really got into the game itself. I find it very difficult to play in terms of complexity. Also, it’s quite time consuming – taking several hours if not days to play a single round. For these reasons, it never really caught on with me. The soundtrack, however, stuck with me immediately.

The composer is Andreas Waldetoft – he’s composed quite a few games, apparently. Although, Stellaris is the first I’ve had the opportunity to play. It has such a retro feel about it and I’m a very nostalgic person. A lot of the songs are incredibly powerful and thought provoking. One song in particular really resonates with me, and that’s “In Search of Life.” Every time I hear this song, I just imagine it as Lhike’s theme (a character in my Tagenji series).

There are so many more songs worthy of praise, such as, “Luminescence”, “Sigma Tauri”, “Riding the Solar Wind”, and “Deep Space Travels” to name a few. Some of the titles (for example: “Spatial Lullaby" and "Pillars of Creation” are nothing but serene in tone. Very soothing and calm yet emotional and impactful. It’s songs like these that really make me dwell on life and the meaning behind it. That no matter how much action I tend to put into my series, there needs to be equal amounts (if not more) sentimental value.

There will be many times when my characters reflect on life, debating how to handle conflicts, having families of their own someday and worrying about simpler things like what it is to be a parent, raising children. I feel it’s these particular human aspects that are far more important than how many enemies are blasted away by magical powers. But whether or not the vast majority agree with that mentality is hard to say. Even if they’re not, I refuse to navigate away from what I enjoy writing about.

If you can find the time, I recommend browsing Youtube for the songs referenced above and maybe even the entire soundtrack. If you do, please leave a comment and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Otherwise, are there any similar songs you can recommend? Any songs that allow you to relax or perhaps focus on the task?

One of the amazing wallpapers from Stellaris


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