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Music that inspired me - part 3

So, a little bit of a backstory before I get into the next game. As you can tell, I used to be a gamer – USED to be. Being almost 40 years old, with a daughter, a full-time job and a very patient and loving wife – not to mention the Tagenji series I’m working on – there isn’t much time for gaming anymore. Nevertheless, I still try to make an effort

for it when I can, as a means of de-stressing – I need to relax too, you know? So, my guy friends and I agreed that twice a month, we’ll get together and partake in a “LAN party”.

What is a LAN party? It’s when a bunch of nerds get together with their laptops/computers and play video games all night. Exciting, right? :P Why am I sharing all this, you ask? It’s because there was one particular LAN game we used to play (not so much anymore) called “Dungeon of the Endless”. At the time, I thought of this title as nothing more than a fun strategy-based game. It wasn’t until my good friend Jesse pointed out how nostalgic the musical score is. I then made it a point to purchase and listen to the soundtrack in its entirety…I was not disappointed.

So that’s the next game in part 3 of my series – “Dungeon of the Endless” composed by Arnaud Roy (aka.FlybyNo). The music from this game, my friends, is what sincerely sparked my interest in completing my current WIP: “Tagenji: Regression”. It totally sets the mood and atmosphere for my book. I can’t tell you how many passages I wrote while listening to this music, picturing the characters communicating with each other as if acting out a scene in a movie. It's near impossible to put into words how his music makes me feel, it’s something you just have to experience for yourself.

I even emailed Arnaud Roy thanking him for creating such a beautiful soundtrack and that he inspired me to write my novel. He replied too, asking for a copy of that book. Sadly, that was well over a year ago and I’m not quite done yet. I do, most definitely, intend on sending him a copy.

So, what you want to do, is purchase the soundtrack from this game so when my book is released, you can listen along while reading it. That’s an idea in itself, right? Why don’t they create a soundtrack for books? Each track will be designated to a certain chapter.

Do you find there are certain types of music you listen to while reading to help set the mood?

"Dungeon of the Endless" screenshot of when/if you manage to escape the dungeon.

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