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Music that inspired me – part 1

As stated in my previous post, it’s difficult to narrow down this series into five parts.

There is so much music out there that has inspired me over the years.

But today, I’m going to discuss one of the very first soundtracks that ever enlightened me and that’s from an SNES game called “Final Fantasy IV”.

You see, back when this game was released in North America, it was labelled as “Final Fantasy II”. Why? Because its prequels weren’t qualified (for one reason or another) to be released in North America. So, the only version we heard of here (before Final Fantasy IV) was just plain “Final Fantasy”. No part 2 or part 3, just part 1. While in Japan there were parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. When it came to releasing part 4 in North America, they had to relabel it as part 2 so it was consistent with the versions released here.

Anyway, all that nonsense aside, when I heard of a new Final Fantasy being released here after several years of waiting, I was super pumped. I loved the original game and couldn’t wait to play its sequel. However, this was during a time when I didn’t own a copy of this game yet – my friend Jesse did. When he came over to introduce the game to me, I wasn’t allowed to play until he was satisfied. Strangely enough, this was not an issue for me – for when he put in that game and played it for the first time, I was blown away. The graphics, the story line and the music were outstanding and emotional.

Never had I played or seen a game like that in my life. I was captivated, and I felt like I was watching a movie. So much so that I wanted him to keep playing rather than play myself. I remember, he played straight for probably 8 hours before we got tired…it was so amazing and inspired me in ways that I’ll never forget.

To this very day, I still listen to the music from this game – the “Four Fiends of the Elements” theme being my favourite.

I’ll be honest, had the musical score not been as epic as it was, the game wouldn’t have made that much of an impact on me. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu – one of many games he composed over his lifetime. He's a legend in my book as I’m sure he is in many others' as well. If you haven’t heard his music, I suggest going to Youtube and checking him out ASAP.

Are there any musical scores from video games or movies that inspire you? Any particular composers that you can suggest I listen to?

One of the very first soundtracks that inspired me to create the fictional world of the Tagenji.


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