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Lhike – a Spiritian like no other

So, I realized I haven’t spent much time at all talking about the other characters from my WIP. Probably because I wanted to keep them more of a surprise, but seeing as it’s taking me 500 years to get my book done, I might as well give you readers some insight.

My MC (Hotaru) could not possibly survive a dying planet alone. Sure, she has the courage to face the dreadful reality, but otherwise, she’s ill-equipped, lacks survival training and spent most of her life isolated in front of a television. Luckily for her, she manages to stumble upon an indigenous tribe who happens to have a spirit guide (of sorts) that accompanies her on her journey. This guide is a Spiritian, disguised as a wolf, and his name is Lhike (pronounced le-he-key).

Lhike is quite the odd character – who spent the majority of his life as a mute. In order to maintain his disguise as a wolf, he had to refrain from verbal communication (aside from barking) with anyone in the community (save for one – his human companion – Adahy). So, as you can imagine, it takes Hotaru a bit of time to adapt to his dialogue and peculiar manner of speech. One of the many reasons he and Hotaru get along so well is because of their oddities, both having very little to do with the outside world or being social in general. They adapt to each other quickly, forming a tight bond, and developing a trust in one another.

He has the potential to be a powerful being, though this might not be apparent initially. His race is known for its passiveness, and aggressive behaviour is not something he’s accustomed to. His moral support may be sufficient but, in a world where only the physically strong survive, will he be an asset or a liability to Hotaru?

Out of all the characters, Lhike is the most challenging and yet the most enjoyable for me to create. I can’t wait to share him with all of you and I hope you’ll all love him as much as I do.

Tell me about a secondary character you like, whether it be from your own work or somebody else’s.

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