• Jeff Dean

An author who doesn't read?

My inspiration has come from so many places. Movies, video games, television shows, YouTube videos, you name it. Sadly though, books weren’t one of them.

I know, strange right? A striving novelist who doesn’t read novels. How does that make any sense? I kept asking myself this every time I imagined becoming a successful author – is there any hope for somebody like me? Should I even bother? And the answer is: “YES – absolutely!” Except the challenge for me will be that much greater because there is no better learning material for a writer than the type of novels you’re trying to emulate.

Does this mean I oppose reading books?

No way! I’m not against it at all – now, that wouldn’t make sense. In fact, I feel ashamed for having admitted that. I did read the occasional book here and there but only if it were school assignment related or there was some sort of need for it. Never voluntarily or by my own choosing. I always preferred a good movie or RPG to build my imagination.

There was only ONE book that I choose to pick up and read myself, and that was “Along Came a Spider.” Why? I don’t recall…it was such a long time ago, but I do remember loving this novel by James Patterson. This is the first time I could ever agree (properly) that the movie adaptation didn’t do the book justice. You’d think after enjoying this novel, I’d continue to read additional ones and learn from them but…somehow, that never happened.

The point of all this is, just because books weren’t my primary creative source while growing up, that doesn’t mean it’ll be a futile effort to become an author. Also, it’s never too late to start now! In fact, I’m making an effort to read other colleague’s work rather than mainstream fiction. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people on the Instagram platform, many being authors like myself. It’s these people I want to support as much as possible, to help get their work out there and recognized so perhaps one day we can all become the next James Patterson.

My dream always has and always will be to release a novel that the world can enjoy as much as I can. To have others live the dream with me.

I like a good comic book...does that count? ;)

Is there anyone else out there who wasn’t big on reading yet desires to be an author like me?


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