My whole life I've had a dream - a fantasy story that I want to one day

get on paper and to share with the world. And so, I write!  

St. Catharines, a small city in Ontario, Canada, is home. I'm fortunate to live so close to

some of the most beautiful locations in North America - plenty of wooded areas,

lakes and Niagara Falls itself - that bring out my best imagination.

I'm also influenced by video games, music and movies.

My goal is to write a series of novels that tell the story of the "Tagenji",

a group of elite warriors destined to protect the Earth,

the surrounding solar system and the galaxy in general.

The series will follow Cao on his journey to restore the Tagenji

to power and bring peace back to the world.


Tagenji: Regression is my debut novel of the Tagenji series.

This book tells the tale of Hotaru Ishida, one of the few people to have lived through the end of the world. Follow her on her journey of survival and exploration as she not only struggles to exist but to also find meaning behind the destruction of the planet and possibly restore its balance in the process.

This book is actually in the middle of the entire Tagenji series, at the utmost low point of the story, where things start to get interesting in world dynamics, and change is imminent. This parallel version of Earth contains a human population whose 'super powers' start becoming common place. Such a change could not come at a better time...for these super heroes may be all that's left of the planet. 

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